Testosterone gel or cream

Testosterone gel or cream

Published on: 05/24/24 11:15 AM


Women produce testosterone too, and it declines sharply at menopause. Many women find it beneficial to take a low dose of testosterone in addition to oestrogen (and progesterone). 

Menopause specialists and the women they support have observed testosterone replacement can help improve levels of energy and stamina, sex drive and level of pleasure, mental focus, quality of sleep, and mood stability.

Although testosterone is only licensed for use in menopausal women suffering from very low sex drive, it can be prescribed ‘off-licence’ to help with these other symptoms, which many GPs and menopause specialists are now doing.

There is a testosterone cream designed for women called Androfeme (not available on the NHS but available at Summerhill Health), or there are gel preparations that are produced for men but can be taken in lower doses by women. The gels are branded as Testogel or Testim, these are cheaper and available on the NHS if the prescriber is willing to do so.