Cancer blood test

Cancer screening

Finding cancer early – before you have symptoms – significantly improves the outcome

One in two people born after 1960 will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Currently, almost half of these people are diagnosed after the cancer has spread.

It is now possible, from a simple blood test to check for very early signs of over 70 different cancers. 

When cancer is present it sheds tiny cells and tumour fragments into the bloodstream, called circulating tumour cells (CTCs).

The Trucheck test looks for these cells from solid tumour cancers and provides an indication of whether there are very early signs of cancer in the blood.

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Trucheck is a recommended test for you if:

  • you’re over 40 and as part of an annual health check-up 
  • you believe you have a high risk of a particular cancer
  • you have a strong family history of a certain cancer.

When you receive your results, if cancer is detected, further testing can then indicate the organ of origin so that you can arrange more targeted investigations to find the tumour.

Next steps will be discussed in full with you and Dr Natalie can make the necessary referrals if needed.


Book your Trucheck blood test here, or give us a call and have a confidential chat with Kathy or Natalie.




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