At Summerhill Health, our pricing is very transparent so there are no nasty surprises. We aim to keep our services as affordable and accessible as possible. We benchmark our prices against peers of similar standing and experience.

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Private GP

Service Cost Starting From (£)
In person or video £85
Home Visits £165
Blood Tests £30

Menopause Consultations

Service Cost (£)
Initial Consultation £275
Follow-up Consultation* £165
Package (Initial and Follow-up Consultation) £400 (save 10%)
Testosterone Only Consultation (incl. Blood Test)* £180
15-minute Follow-up Call £85
Additional Email Advice £35 per email
Additional Private Prescription £35 per prescription
*Existing patients only


Service Cost (£)
15-minute Contraception Consultation £85
Coil Removal £150
Copper Coil Insertion £210
Hormonal Coil Insertion £285
Coil Removal/Insertion £325
Contraceptive Implant Insertion £210
Contraceptive Implant Removal £165

Cervical Screening

Service Cost (£)
Smear £220

Blood Tests

Service Cost (£)
15-minute Blood Test Consultation* £85
Blood Test Variable

Please note: The cost of the blood test is variable and will be discussed based on the specific test(s) needed.


See blood tests page for pricing of individual tests and profiles.

Postnatal review

Service Cost (£)
Postnatal Review Consultation (30 mins): £165

Menstrual disorders

Service Cost (£)
Initial Consultation £275
Follow-up Consultation £165

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