Mammogram referrals

Mammogram referrals

When should I have a mammogram?

The optimal time for mammograms is infact every two years from the age of 40.

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Dr Summerhill can refer you for a mammogram at Spire Manchester.

Price: Telephone consultation (15 mins) plus mammogram: £295

Bone density (DEXA) scan

Women attain their best bone density around the age of 25-30 and then maintain it until menopause. From menopause onwards we lose our bone density at a rate of 1-2% per year and this is why women are more prone to fractures in later life and osteoporosis. Additional risk factors for osteoporosis include crash dieting, eating disorders, steroid use, nutritional deficiencies, poor sun exposure, sedentary lifestyles. HRT can help maintain bone density whilst it is taken, as can regular weight bearing exercise and maintaining adequate calcium and vitamin D.

Dr Summerhill can arrange a DEXA scan locally for you. From £110.