Mammogram referrals

Mammogram referral

Most breast screening guidelines around the world are for women aged 40-74, and the NHS invites women aged 50-71, every three years.

You may wish to have mammograms earlier or more frequently than the NHS screening programme will invite you.

Whatever your age, Dr Summerhill can refer you for a mammogram to check your breast health at Spire Manchester.

Price: Telephone consultation (15 mins) plus mammogram: £295

Bone density scan referral

The health and strength of your bones is important, particularly around the time of menopause as we begin to lose bone tissue at a faster rate than we can grow new tissue, resulting in our bones becoming weaker and more pliable and likely to break over time.

If your bones become progressively weak and you have a high risk of fractures, you may be diagnosed with a condition called osteoporosis. Osteoporosis can run in families and you also have an increased risk of this if you have an early menopause or POI, you’ve had a hysterectomy before 45, your periods have stopped due to excessive dieting or exercise, you smoke or drink significant amounts of alcohol, or you are inactive for long periods of time.

If you wish to check the strength of your bones – your bone density – a scan called a DEXA scan is used which provides an objective measure of the strength and health of your bones. The scan is painless and similar to having an x-ray.

Bone density can be improved with taking HRT, and having regular physical exercise which is both weight bearing and resistance based. A diet rich in calcium and vitamin D is also very important. 

DEXA scans can be repeated every few years to check the impact of treatments like HRT and lifestyle improvements on your bone health.

Price: Dr Summerhill can arrange a DEXA scan locally for you from £110.