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STI & HIV Testing What You Need to Know

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on STI and HIV testing. Regular testing is important to ensure your sexual health and prevent the spread of infections. Don’t leave your health up to chance – get tested today at our STD clinic in Manchester!

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How STIs and HIV are Transmitted

Sexual Contact
STIs and HIV are commonly transmitted during sexual contact, including vaginal, anal, and oral sex.

Sharing Needles or Syringes
HIV and Hepatitis C can be transmitted by sharing needles or syringes with someone who is infected.

From Mother to Child
STIs and HIV can be passed from a mother to her child during pregnancy, childbirth, or breastfeeding.

Through Skin-to-skin Contact
Some STIs, such as herpes and HPV, can be transmitted through skin-to-skin contact.

Why Testing is Important

Protect Yourself
Testing can detect STIs and HIV early, which can help you get treatment and protect yourself from long-term health consequences.

Protect Your Partner
If you have an STI or HIV, it’s important to let your partner know so they can get tested and treated as well.

Protect the Community
Early detection and treatment of STIs and HIV can help prevent the spread of infection in the community.

STI and HIV Tests

We can offer you a sexual health test in Manchester. The method is quick and easy.

Blood Tests at our Manchester STI clinic
Blood tests are used to detect STIs and HIV by checking for antibodies in your blood. They are accurate but can take a few days to get results.

How to Prepare for STD Testing in Manchester

  1. Get Informed
    Find out what kind of test you will be taking and how long it will take. Make sure to ask any questions you may have. The professionals at our STI clinic in Manchester are here to help you.
  2. Come Prepared
    Bring your ID and any necessary paperwork or forms. Follow any instructions given to you before starting the STI test in Manchester.
  3. Relax
    Tests are a normal part of taking care of your health. Try to stay calm and relaxed to make the process easier.

What to Expect During an STI/HIV Test in Manchester

Blood Tests
You will have a needle inserted into a vein in your arm. You may feel some discomfort or slight pain.

Physical Exam
For some tests, such as a pelvic exam, you may be asked to undress and lie down on a bed. A medical professional will conduct the exam. It should not be painful.

Interpreting Your Test Results

A positive result means that you have an STI or HIV. It’s important to follow up with your healthcare provider to receive treatment and advice on how to protect yourself and your partner(s).

A negative result means that you do not currently have an STI or HIV. However, it’s important to continue practising safe sex to prevent future infections. Ensure that you book in for regular sexual health checks at our Manchester STI clinic.

An inconclusive result means that further testing is needed to confirm the results. You will be invited for further STD testing in Manchester.

What to do if Your Results are Positive

Get Treatment
If you test positive for an STI or HIV, it’s important to follow up with your healthcare provider to receive treatment. Many infections can be easily treated with medication.

Seek Support
Take care of your emotional health by seeking support from loved ones or a support group. Remember that you are not alone.

Practice Safe Sex
Protect yourself and your partner(s) by practicing safe sex. Use condoms or other forms of protection to prevent the spread of infection.

Get Tested Today at our STD Clinic in Manchester

If you’ve been sexually active, it’s important to get tested regularly for STIs and HIV. Find a testing centre near you today and take control of your sexual health. We can offer you an STI test in Manchester.

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