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Private blood tests: fast, accurate, reliable

Blood tests are part of our well-woman or well-man check-up and other routine assessments, such as investigating your thyroid function.

If you are having a menopause consultation, you may be interested in having blood tests to check your hormone levels. This is not necessary to diagnose the perimenopause or menopause, as your symptoms alone can confirm this. But blood tests can be useful to guide decisions about the type and dose of HRT treatment you will be recommended by Dr Summerhill.

We offer independent arrangement of all blood tests, and customised packages can be created upon request, including additional blood tests upon request beyond the standard set.

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How Our Service Works

  1. Book Your Test or Profile
    • Book your test via our online platform, email, or by calling the clinic.
  2. Take Your Test
    • Attend your appointment, where our Doctors or trained phlebotomists will collect your sample and ensure secure delivery to the laboratory for testing.
  3. Get Your Results
    • Receive your results through our secure portal.

Instructions for Booking Online

  1. Choose ‘Blood Test’ from the drop-down menu.
  2. Scroll through and select an available appointment using the ‘<‘ and ‘>’ buttons.
  3. List the specific blood test(s) and/or profile(s) you require in the ‘Reason for visit’ section.
  4. Complete the booking form and click ‘Book Appointment’.

Pricing Information

  • All prices include the test/profile itself.*

Click here to view our available tests and prices.

*This is for the test itself and does not include an appointment with Dr Summerhill. Those who are not sure which test/profile may be most suitable or would like to discuss results should book a 15-minute Blood Test consultation (below).


Blood test consultations (optional)

We provide an optional 15-minute Blood Test consultation, conducted via video or telephone, priced at £85.

This consultation is available to assist patients who may be uncertain about which test or profile to select. It’s also beneficial for those seeking discussions about their test results, and can be scheduled either before or after their blood test.


Other tests available on request.


What are the benefits of venous blood tests over finger prick blood tests?

Both venous blood tests and finger prick blood tests serve as methods to collect blood samples for various diagnostic purposes. Venous blood tests offer several advantages over finger prick tests:

Sample Volume: Venous blood tests usually yield larger blood samples, which is especially vital when multiple or high-volume tests are required.

Multiple Tests: The larger volume obtained through venous blood tests allows for conducting numerous tests from a single sample, reducing the need for multiple blood draws, beneficial for patients requiring multiple tests.

Lab Processing: Venous blood samples are sent directly to labs for processing by trained professionals, often utilizing standardized procedures and automated equipment, potentially leading to more consistent and reliable results.

Accuracy: Venous blood samples, with their larger volumes, are generally considered more accurate, especially for tests requiring specific handling protocols, reducing the potential for fluctuations and inaccuracies in results.

Variability: Finger prick blood samples may be subject to variations due to factors like blood flow, depth of prick, and skin conditions, while venous blood samples are less affected by these variables.

Test Availability: Specialized tests, particularly those demanding larger sample volumes or specific processing, may only be accessible via venous blood collection.

Patient Comfort: As venous blood collection is often performed by experienced phlebotomists, it can provide greater comfort for patients in certain instances.


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