Initial Consultation
At your initial consultation Dr Summerhill will gather a full assessment of your medical history and lifestyle along with carrying out a basic physical examination before discussing in detail your specific issues and objectives. She will agree a personalised care plan with you including any recommendations for treatment. A private prescription, which is part of every consultation, may be used to obtain medication, or we may send a letter outlining our recommended course of action to your NHS general practitioner.

Follow-up Consultation
We will email you 10 weeks after your initial consultation asking you to complete a questionnaire in relation to your current symptoms and medications and offering you a follow-up appointment.

At any follow up consultation she will conduct a review of your personalised care plan, including an assessment of how any prescribed treatments are working. Any changes to treatments will be discussed and agreed with you. In some circumstances it may not be necessary to attend a follow up consultation with Dr Summerhill, who, with your consent, will liaise with and request your GP to conduct your review.

Follow-up email
A complimentary follow-up email is included within 3 months of any consultation. This is only really suitable for dose adjustments and quick queries. We also offer 15-minute telephone consultations for any more complex questions.

6 to 12 months and beyond
Many of our patients choose to return for a regular (annual) review however we are happy to refer your treatment to your NHS GP as you wish. Annual blood tests will need to be arranged for those prescribed Testosterone. These can be arranged through Summerhill Health, elsewhere privately, or through your NHS GP.

If you unsure as to whether a consultation is right for your situation or you require any further information please feel free to email us at contact@summerhillhealth.co.uk or call the clinic on 0161 552 2382.

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If you have any questions or concerns about your health, please book a consultation.

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