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Our Services

Women's health services

Summerhill Health provides a wide range of women’s health services. Please book an initial consultation, where Dr Summerhill will agree a personalised care plan with you, including any recommendations for treatment, following a full assessment.

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Blood tests

We can provide smears, HPV injections and other services on request.

STI and HIV Testing

Guide to STI & HIV testing: Prioritize sexual health, prevent infection spread. Test regularly for a healthier future.


We offer a wide range of contraception services from contraception reviews, coil and implant removals and fittings.

Menstrual disorders

From heavy or painful periods to irregular and those associated with mood changes, we can help.


Looking for a fertility check or finding it difficult to conceive, we can help with initial blood tests & scans.

Postnatal support

Many women are anxious about their postnatal bodies. We give you that reassurance that you’re doing great!


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Useful links

You can find useful information on these websites.

For Primary Ovarian Insufficiency (POI)

Started by Dr Heather Currie, former Chair of the BMS. All things menopause including discussion forums

Pre-Menstrual Syndrome support


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