Where is the private GP surgery in Manchester located?

Where is the private GP surgery in Manchester located?

Our private and discrete GP surgery is located to the south of the city in Hale village, Altrincham. The surgery is 20 minutes drive or tram from central Manchester and provides excellent access to a range of specialist GP services for anyone living in the North West of England. The surgery is located at Summerhill […]

Do you make private specialist referrals?

Dr Summerhill can provide you with referral letters for private specialists if required. These will be accepted by most insurance companies.  She can refer to a wide range of specialists and private hospitals.

How much does a private GP cost?

An appointment with Dr Summerhill starts at £75. Home visits cost from £125. The cost of the private GP appointment covers the doctor’s consultation as well as any necessary referral letters and a prescription if necessary. Depending on the particular requirements, there are varied rates for investigations, with blood tests starting from £30.

What is a menopause specialist?

A menopause specialist is a healthcare professional who specialises in assessing and treating women with complex needs such as multiple therapy failures, POI, complex medical conditions, high risk cancer genes, or hormone-dependent cancer. They accept more complex patient referrals and assist colleagues in managing patients with greater risk factors or where various factors influence decision […]

Non hormonal treatments

For women who prefer not to utilise or are unable to use hormone replacement therapy (HRT), non-hormonal treatments can be useful in treating menopausal symptoms. Changes in lifestyle: A few lifestyle adjustments can help reduce menopausal symptoms. These include getting adequate sleep, engaging in regular exercise, maintaining a healthy weight, using stress-reduction strategies (like yoga […]

Body identical hormones v bioidentical hormones

Bioidentical hormones are precise duplicates of hormones such as estradiol, progesterone and testosterone, in the same way that modern regulated body identical hormones, which I prescribe, are. Bioidentical is often used by clinics as a marketing term purporting the benefits of compounded bioidentical hormones, however, there are concerns about their purity, effectiveness and safety. Progesterone […]

Migraine and HRT

Migraine may emerge at the perimenopause, or existing migraines may get worse, due to fluctuating hormone levels. Some women may vaguely recall suffering from them when their periods first started. Migraine with aura, where women see a kaleidoscope effect, may also be experienced as dizziness or vertigo known as vestibular migraine. Coupled with disturbed sleep, […]

Will diet and lifestyle changes help during menopause?

Changes in food and lifestyle can be very helpful in controlling the symptoms of menopause. A healthy lifestyle can improve general wellbeing and aid with some menopausal symptoms. Following are some crucial areas where food and lifestyle modifications can be advantageous: Well-balanced diet: Put an emphasis on eating a varied diet that is full of […]

Do I still need birth control?

Depending on your unique situation and reproductive objectives, you may need to utilise birth control while going through menopause. Women can still get pregnant up until menopause, despite the fact that menopause is typically linked to a natural fall in fertility. Factors to consider Perimenopause: The transitional period before menopause, the perimenopause, is when hormonal […]

Benefits of whole-body cryotherapy (WBC) in the menopause

Book a TRUE full body cryotherapy treatments with chillglow Relief from Hot Flashes: Hot flashes, which are sudden and intense feelings of heat, are a common symptom of menopause in women. WBC entails exposure to extremely cold, which could perhaps offer momentary relief from hot flashes by lowering heat-related symptoms and cooling the body. Reduced […]