Can you take HRT if you have a migraine?

Can you take HRT if you have a migraine?

Women are 3x more likely to have migraine than men and they can start at peri/menopause or get worse at this time if you’ve not had them for many years. Migraines may be triggered when oestrogen is low, or it can be caused when levels are too high or shifting.

The good news is that, yes, you can take HRT and it can help reduce the severity, duration and frequency of migraine attacks. It’s important that you find the right type of HRT for you and the right dose. Oestrogen through the skin is best.

The skin patch is often recommended as this releases a steady dose throughout the day, helping to reduce hormonal fluctuations that may be occurring. It helps to use the medication regularly as directed and not have breaks, as changes to hormone levels are likely to trigger an attack. You may want to start on a low dose and slowly build up if needed to help symptoms. The type of progesterone you take can also impact migraine, and you may want to try adding testosterone into your HRT regime as some women find this beneficial for migraine too. Give the HRT medication/s several months to take full effect before deciding on whether to continue with treatment or not. 

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