Do I still need birth control/contraception?

Do I still need birth control/contraception?

If you’re having penis-vagina sex, it is still possible to get pregnant even if you haven’t had a period for many months. If you want to avoid a pregnancy, here are the recommendations for when it is safe to stop contraception around the time of menopause:

For under 50 year olds: Use contraception for at least two years after your last period.

For over 50 year olds: use contraception for at least one year following your last period.

If you are not sure when your last period has been due to use of hormonal contraception, or HRT, for instance we have to recommend contraception until the age of 55. 

Taking HRT does not work as a form of contraception, unless you have a Mirena coil for the progestogen arm of your HRT.

Also remember to use barrier methods for sexual health if you are in a new relationship or having sex with more than one person. This includes same-sex intimacy as it is still possible to pass on sexually transmitted infections.