There are plenty of other ways to help your menopause apart from taking HRT. Lifestyle changes and talking therapies can be very beneficial and will be recommended by menopause specialists. 

Lifestyle measures – for example healthy nutrition, exercise, improving sleep, reducing stress, and self-care measures, not just for managing your menopause, but staying healthy in the future too.

Talking therapy – psychological therapies such as CBT have been shown to be beneficial in not only helping the psychological and emotional changes at perimenopause and menopause but even some of the physical symptoms too.

Alternative or complementary measures – this would include herbal remedies like black cohosh, St John’s Wort, red clover and alternative therapies like aromatherapy, acupuncture, reiki, reflexology and so on. These measures may not have the scientific research or backing or be regulated in the same way as traditional medicine, but many people find some of these measures helpful.

Just a little note of caution about herbal remedies – always do your research, buy from a reputable supplier, and check out whether it’s OK to take with other medications or remedies you may be on.

Prescription medicines – non-hormonal medications are sometimes given for menopause symptoms, and these are most often antidepressants, which may help hot flushes but don’t always help the other range of symptoms including the mood and emotional changes due to hormone fluctuations.