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Bleeding from sex

Menopause symptoms and treatments.

Bleeding from sex

You may notice some bleeding during or after sex at perimenopause and menopause. You may not know what’s causing this but here are some possible reasons why it can happen:

  • the genital tissue has become thinner and more fragile and tears more easily
  • there may be an infection like thrush or bacterial vaginosis
  • there may be cervical changes due to hormone fluctuations
  • there may be cervical polyps that can bleed
  • there may be pelvic organ prolapse
  • due to trauma or injury
  • due to a sexually transmitted infection

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Ways to help

  • treat vaginal dryness or soreness with vaginal oestrogen in the form of a cream, gel, pessary or ring
  • use plenty of lube when having sex
  • try using a vaginal moisturiser a few times a week to rehydrate the area
  • treat any infections in the area
  • avoid penetrative sex for a while and/or try alternative positions that are more comfortable
  • there are surgical interventions if bleeding is due to polyps or prolapse.