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Numbness and tingling

Menopause symptoms and treatments.

Numbness and tingling

This is one of the lesser known symptoms of perimenopause and menopause and can be a mild and fleeting sensation or more frequent and bothersome. It might feel like pins and needles, or prickling, tickling or numbness in your hands or feet. It may also feel like heat or a burning sensation. The feelings may be severe enough to interrupt your sleep.

These altered sensations are due a lack of oestrogen that:

  •  affects the way your nerves work and the electrical impulses they carry to the brain
  •  can cause your skin may to be more sensitive, drier and prone to itchiness
  •  can disrupt your body’s internal thermostat and lead to hot or cold or numb hands and feet

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Ways to help

  • be active, even just 10 minutes a day of good quality stretching helps the blood flow to your extremities
  • keep well hydrated
  • sleep well
  •  stop smoking
  •  eat foods rich in vitamin B12
  •  try a magnesium supplement
  •  try some acupuncture to improve circulation

Seek advice from a doctor if:

  • the pins and needles feeling is prolonged or worsens
  • you also have any muscle weakness, vision problems, pain, spasms, incontinence, walking or speech difficulties.