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Low self esteem and lack of confidence

Menopause symptoms and treatments.

Low self esteem and lack of confidence

The physical and psychological changes that happen in perimenopause and menopause can affect the way you view yourself at this time. Many women feel they lose their sense of confidence and have more negative thoughts about themselves. You may feel less attractive because of weight gain, hair loss, skin problems, and your sex drive may reduce. If you’re encountering brain fog or low mood this can also cause you to doubt yourself and your abilities.

Moving from a reproductive phase of life to a new stage of life identified by loss of fertility may be difficult for you to adapt to, especially if fertility is important to a female sense of identity and purpose in your culture and community.

You may have stopped doing things you enjoy because of tiredness, a lack of motivation, joint aches and pains or low mood, and this can also affect your sense of identity, especially if it involves fewer social connections too. While understandable, withdrawing from social activities and times of connection often reduces your confidence and self esteem further over time.

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Ways to help

  • Talk to a supportive friend about how you’re feeling
  • Accept that you will have good and bad days in terms of how you feel about yourself
  • Consider a psychological therapy such as CBT to explore your thoughts and feelings further and think through some more positive ways to think about yourself
  • Stay active, eat healthily, and take care of your sleeping habits
  • Manage your worries and stay on top of stress
  • Check how you talk to yourself and try and be kinder like you would speak to a friend
  • Try journalling, use positive affirmations about yourself and list what you are grateful for on a regular basis
  • Connect with others socially and regularly
  • Find hobbies and interests you enjoy
  • Pick up something you haven’t done for many years like a musical instrument, language learning, or sport
  • Consider volunteering your time and skills for a purpose that aligns with your values
  • Consider taking HRT to top up the lack of hormones that contribute to these feelings.